Product/UX Design


I’m a Product/UX Designer with nearly 20 years of designing experiences for both consumer and enterprise brands, with an emphasis on mobile formats.

I approach projects with Design Thinking and the User-centered Design Process. I enjoy working in Agile/Lean environments and Design Sprints are good (productive!) fun.

Design tools (not limited to but what is currently used in my workflow): I sketch on paper and an iPad Pro. I use Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, and Framer to get my ideas out there.

Organizational tools include Trello, Asana, Jira, and Github.

Front-end skills/tools: fluent in HTML, CSS, JS, with working knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, and C++ in Xcode, Android Studio, or Sublime Text.

Firefox Stack.png


At Mozilla, I worked exclusively on Firefox Mobile - initially on Firefox for Android, then successfully pitched the iOS version (which previously didn’t exist). I was responsible for every aspect of design on versions 1-16.




At TripIt, I began by working on a complete redesign of the itinerary for desktop, and soon thereafter transitioned to mobile products. I redesigned both iOS and Android platforms with a new menu and card-concept that remained as the core design for the next few years.



For Concur users, ExpenseIt allowed you to easily log and submit your expenses to your account. Initially for internal use (Concur Technologies) then to all Concur users.